The Estate

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Kingsclere Estates Ltd is set in open down land; it was established almost 120 years ago and has belonged to the May family for 4 generations. We have a flexible approach to estate management and play a vital role in the local community; always open to new opportunities from local entrepreneurs.  

Extensive Land Resource

The land on the estate is primarily arable. 2500 acres of the land is farmed, interspersed with a further 150 acres of woodland. Some of the woodland is ancient, and some, originally planted for pit props as recently as the 1950’s. The woodland is used for pheasant cover and Spring-time trails when bluebells are on show.

Types of Land

A large majority of the land is chalk. This is mainly found on the long stretching South-facing banks. On the tops of these banks, and on the colder North-facing banks, a clay cap is found. This is all to do with the way that the glaciers melted back in the ice age. The faster they melted, the less depository clay particles were left behind.

Potted History

Kingsclere Estates Ltd was established in 1890 by William May, a solicitor practicing in London. He bought Pitt Hall Farm in 1890, primarily for sporting pursuits. When William died in 1932, the estate passed to Gilbert May an Electrical Engineer; he and his mother were left to run the farm. He studied at Reading University and was awarded a certificate in agriculture in 1938. From there he took over the running of the farm and increased the size of the land, to 1500 acres. He introduced many farming enterprises, including sheep, beef, dairy, chickens and arable. When he died in 1982, his son Robert May, (who was already active on the farm) took leadership. He has added a further 1000 acres to the estate and has been pivotal in maintaining the farm during the recent difficult period for British agriculture. The estate now comprises arable farmland and property. Robert looks after the property side, whilst his son, Tim May (who studied at Harper Adams University College) manages the farming. They both aim to grow the potential of their specific areas of business, seeking the future security of Kingsclere Estates Ltd.


We play an active part in local communities, particularly with the local parish of Hannington where Tim May sits on the parish council, in addition to helping organize the bi-annual village fate. We believe in building inter-farm relationships, demonstrated by our involvement of neighboring farms in the annual harvest supper. We see community involvement as key to growing the potential of our business, and try, wherever possible, to grow community spirit amongst our neighbors and trading partners.  


Kingsclere Estates
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Photo Gallery

Here are some of the images of the estate as it has evolved through the years.


Kingsclere Estates

Kingslere Estates

Kingsclere Estates

Kingsclere Estates

Kingsclere Estates

Kingsclere Estates

Kingsclere Estates

Kingsclere Estates Ltd. Pitt Hall Farm, Ramsdell, Tadley, Hampshire, RG26 5RJ

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