Whole Estate Plan


Kingsclere Estates will be a modern, sustainable rural estate with a secure long-term viable future. This will be achieved by creating a balance between economic activity, countryside stewardship and community engagement. 



Whole Estate Planning

We feel that in order to be a sustainable business we need to grow and develop . To do this we need to have a grand plan that we can use to base our strategic decisions on. This plan needs to embrace the views and opinions of those around us so that we can move forward together through the implementation stages.

Our whole estate plan process will follow a fairly simple process.


First have looked at what we have. We carried out an internal assessment of our estate using various headings including company structure, farming enterprises, woodland management, diversification landscape character and the built enviroment.

Town and country Planning

We explored the planning policies that are relevant to the functioning of the estate and the future development, and how the estate has responded to these policies.

Fact finding

We have been out into the comunity and held meetings and run surveys this has enabled us to to get and understanding of their perspective's on land management. These statements can be viewed below.

We are still waiting for the local community and Hampshire Wildlife trust to confirm that we have a good understanding of what they have told us. But the rest of the groups have confirmed that their statements are a true reflection of their views on Land Management. Once the final two groups have done the same we will try to prodice one statement that encompasses all of these thoughts and issues. We will check that this statment is still a true reflection, by send it out to these bodies for comment. Then we can use this statement to create a draft Plan. 

Draft plan

The directors will use the feedback and the audit to identify area's where the company can work to deliver any of the missing elements that are highlighted from the process so far. As well as this they will use their wealth of built up knowledge of the estate to work out what fits where. By the end of this section a draft plan will be  created and opened up for comment from the community. These comments will be recorded and any appropriate alterations will be made.

Adoption by the community

Once any alterations have been made the plan will be re presented to the community and stakeholders and we will then ask for support from the various organisations.

Once supported it will be used as a guidance tool for further strategic decision making. It will also be used to demonstrate that public consultation work has been carried out when approaching stakeholders within the wider land management community. This will include things like capital grant applications and Town and country planning applications.    



The plan will need to be revisited at regular stages to keep it relevant. When this happens the alterations will be made public and the community will be asked to adopt them again.

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Woodland management plan







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